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Rayside Truck and Trailer provides their customers with this chassis pool search page to help them find the chassis that is right for the job. To use the chassis pool search you can select a make, model, engine and transmission from the Quick Search tab, or if you would like to perform a more advanced search you can use the advance search below.

In order to view factory invoices or get a quote on-line you will first need to log into your user account. To setup a user account you must fill out the BOB account request form.

Advantages to using a pool chassis.

  • Quick turn around for your customer.
  • Reduces dealership's floor plan costing.
  • Your ability to meet your customer's immediate needs will increase your sales.
  • Dealing with a Ford approved up-fitter assures you of a proper installation.
  • "Our inventory becomes your inventory."

    How to utilize our Ford chassis pool:

  • Search through our Chassis Pool to find available chassis.
  • View & Print factory invoice on line by clicking on invoice icon.
  • Review your customer's truck body needs and use "Bob" quote system to price out a body or call one of our truck equipment experts for more detailed quotes.
  • Once a sales price for the up-fitted equipment is agreed to, your dealership can issue a Purchase Order to Rayside for the work to be completed.
  • At this time, Rayside will reassign the chassis to your dealership and begin the up-fit.

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